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Your Trusted Source for Professional Tree Care


Maintaining healthy trees can enhance the appearance and value of your property.  Investing in proper tree care is a smart choice!

Expert tree care since 1986

Expert tree care since 1986

Colonial Tree Service is a local, family-owned and operated tree care provider based in Menomonee Falls, WI with over 35 years of experience in the tree care industry.  The company maintains a solid reputation in providing top-quality tree care services to homeowners and businesses throughout Waukesha County and the surrounding areas.


At Colonial, we understand the importance of trees and the role they play in maintaining a healthy and beautiful landscape.  Our tree care professionals are well versed with the particular tree care challenges in our suburban region of Wisconsin and how best to manage them.


Our comprehensive tree services include tree planting, tree pruning/trimming, tree health care, arborist consultations, and tree removal.  We have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat tree diseases, pests, and other problems, as well as provide proper pruning techniques to enhance the health and appearance of your trees.


Tree work can be dangerous and requires proper equipment and skill to ensure the safety of both the tree and those working on it. As fully insured ISA certified arborists, we have the necessary training and equipment to complete the work safely and efficiently while safeguarding your property.


Regular tree care and maintenance can improve the health and extend the lifespan of your trees. By hiring Colonial Tree Service, you can ensure that your trees receive the care they need to thrive.

Tree pruning/trimming
Expert Arborists

You should consider hiring a certified arborist when you need professional assistance with the care and maintenance of trees on your property.  Some specific instances when you might need a local arborist include:

1. Tree pruning or removal: An arborist can help you determine which branches need to be trimmed or removed to promote healthy growth and improve the appearance of the tree.

2. Tree planting: An arborist can advise you on the best type of tree for your location, soil conditions, and desired aesthetics, and ensure that the tree is planted correctly for optimal growth.

3. Tree assessment: An arborist can examine the health of your trees, identify potential issues such as disease or damage, and recommend treatments or preventive measures.

4. Risk assessment: An arborist can assess the stability and safety of trees on your property and recommend any necessary remedial work to reduce the risk of damage or injury.

5. Landscaping planning: If you're planning a landscaping project that involves trees, an arborist can provide expert advice on how to integrate trees into your design while preserving their health and safety.

When to hire an arborist

Our Professional Tree Services

Colonial Tree Service is your one-stop solution to all your tree care needs.  We provide routine and emergency tree services for residential and commercial properties throughout Waukesha County and surrounding areas. 

Our ISA Certified Arborists ensure that your trees receive the best care possible. Highly trained and experienced in all aspects of tree care, you can trust that your trees are in good hands with us.

Our Customer Testimonials

Loryl L, New Berlin, WI

"Everyone was respectful of our property, did a great job on what we asked and cleaned up incredibly well. The entire process has been very easy through scheduling, quotes, confirmations and the completion of work. This is a model
business process and I appreciate how easy you made it for us."

Ann W, Waukesha, WI

"We've contracted with Colonial Tree service for 2 seasons so far- they've provided fungicide treatment as well as pruning, taking down trees, and grinding stumps. They are professional and just all around good people. They have professional arborists on staff, so they know their stuff. Everyone communicates well and quotes are clear and reasonable. Turn around time and quality of work is very good. I trust them with any work they may do for our small condo association."

Lynn L, Pewaukee, WI

"From start to finish Colonial Tree Service provided superior service. Booking the appointment, communications when work would start, crew arrival time. Performed tree trimming for several trees. They look fantastic. The crew cleaned up everything. I can't say enough good things about this company. I would highly recommend without hesitation."

Communities We Serve

Colonial Tree Service has been delivering quality tree care solutions to Waukesha County and surrounding areas since 1986

Big Bend   Brookfield   Chenequa   Delafield   Dousman   Eagle

Elm Grove   Genesee   Germantown   Hartland   Lannon   Lisbon

Menomonee Falls   Merton   Mukwonago   Muskego   Nashotah

New Berlin   North Lake   North Prairie   Oconomowoc

Okauchee Lake   Pewaukee   Sussex   Vernon   Wales

Waukesha and more...

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