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Mulch your trees

They'll thank you for it!

Mulching is a simple and affordable practice you can do to keep your trees happy and healthy. 

We recommend shredded hardwood mulch; twice or thrice ground is best.  We don't recommend wood chips, as they are not the best choice for woody or herbaceous plants.  Once you have a mulch ring established, you only need to top-dress it with an additional 1-2 inches of mulch each year to reap the amazing benefits.


If you would like more information about where you can obtain high-quality mulch for your DIY mulching project, please give us a call. 


ISA has a wonderful handout about the benefits of mulching and how to properly mulch your trees.  We regularly give this out to our clients and you can access the document by clicking on the image below.

tree mulching

Colonial Tree Service can help you with your mulching project, both establishing and maintaining mulch rings around the trees in your landscape.  Basic mulch ring installation includes removal of turf and installation of 2-4 inches of shredded, hardwood mulch. 


Premium installation is recommended for mature trees and includes soil aeration, root crown excavation to expose and excise any offending girdling roots, introduction of organic compost worked into the parent soil with an air spade, followed by installation of 2-4 inches of shredded, hardwood mulch.

This is a simple but highly beneficial cultural practice for your trees.  Once you see the difference it can make, you'll be a true convert and recommend mulching to all your friends and neighbors.

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