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Comprehensive Tree Care

tree nursery
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Cottonwood Removal

Take a look at our service calendars to find out when many services are performed throughout the year:  Service Calendar | Treatment Plan Schedule

Tree Planting

Planting services

tree nursery

The right plan:  When you contact Colonial for your tree-planting project, we consult with you to understand your goals so we can help you select just the right plants for the right place in your landscape.  That's the best way to minimize future maintenance requirements.

Most trees and shrubs can be planted any time of year, as long as the ground is not frozen.  However, most do best being planted in early fall (think September); autumn's cooler temps and reliable rainfall are ideal for plant establishment and limit potential transplant shock.  Your arborist will advise you on the best time of year to plant the trees/shrubs you select, and if you prefer to plant during the spring or summer months, he or she will arm you with advice to ensure a successful outcome.


The right plants:  You can have a great plan, but if your plant quality is poor, the final result will be anything but gratifying.  Poor-quality plants can lead to all kinds of problems down the road, from stem-girdling roots and poor structure needing corrective pruning to plant stress that makes young trees vulnerable to pests and pathogens.


We source our plants from well respected local nurseries, known for stock of the highest quality.  With your arborist, you can hand-select the specimens you want for your planting project, or we can select them for you - your preference.


Great results, guaranteed:  Proper plant selection, sourcing, and installation allow us to offer an unrivaled 2-year limited warranty on trees/shrubs we select and install for you. 


For the best possible start:  We offer a premium planting upgrade that includes of 2-4 inches of organic, shredded hardwood mulch installed as a mulch ring, staking when needed (and removed after the first growing season), installation of a Treegator® Slow Release Watering Bag to help  provide adequate watering during the establishment period, and a complimentary young-tree pruning visit by a Certified Arborist 2-3 years after installation.  Be sure to mention the upgrade to your arborist if that interests you. 

Tree Maintenance

Maintenance Services

From roots to shoots, our experienced arborists and technicians are on call to assess and identify your tree maintenance needs.  The three categories of tree maintenance include tree pruning, tree health, and tree safety.   We cover everything you need to keep your trees safe, healthy and beautiful now and for years to come. 

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Oak tree roots


Young and mature tree pruning

Shrub pruning

Plant Healthcare

Tree nutrition

  • fertilization

  • organic soil amendments

  • mulch ring installation & maintenance

  • growth regulators

Soil and root care

  • soil aeration

  • root collar excavation

  • girdling root removal

Insect and disease management

  • plant pathology lab testing

  • targeted applications that avoid or minimize off-target damage to the environment, including pollinators


Cabling and dynamic support

Construction protection

Tree risk assessment

Arborists Love Trees
Tree Removal

Removal Services

Tree Removals
Tree Removal

Tree death or decline, hazardous structural issues, poor placement, site development, construction damage, and emergency storm damage... these are all reasons you may find yourself needing the expertise of a professional tree care company, like Colonial Tree Service, to safely and efficiently remove your problem trees. 


At Colonial, safety is paramount.  Our crews follow ANSI and OSHA standards and regulations to keep everyone safe and protect your property throughout removal operations.  We maintain the appropriate insurance coverage to protect you from risk.  

Our trucks and specialized equipment are new and well-maintained.  When a crew from Colonial shows up to do the job, you see the difference in how efficient they are in doing the work, how careful they are in keeping everyone safe, and how respectful they are as they interact with you.


We also offer stump grinding and lawn restoration services (topsoil, seed, chopped straw).  If you are interested in one or both of these services, please let us know. 


Stump grindings are left onsite and raked back into a pile when stump grinding services are performed.  Often people are surprised by the volume of stump grindings produced from grinding out a stump.  For example, a typical 20-inch diameter stump will yield approximately one yard of stump grindings.  If you rather have the stump grindings hauled away for an additional fee, please let us know.

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