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Tree Health Care

Tree Health Care


Professional Help for Sick and Struggling Trees

Urban and suburban trees face numerous environmental stressors that can lead to premature decline if not addressed in a timely manner by tree care professionals.  Pests, pathogens, and nutrient deficiencies all threaten tree health.  Early detection and proper treatment can make all the difference.


At Colonial Tree Service, our arborists specialize in diagnosing and treating tree health problems. Contact us today to restore and maintain the health and vitality of trees in your landscape.

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Insect & Disease Management

It's important to keep an eye out for pests and diseases and take preventive measures, including regular tree inspections, to keep your trees healthy and thriving. Colonial Tree Services uses targeted application methods, backed by science, that avoid or minimize off-target exposure to the environment, including pollinators. ​


Several signs of a sick or dying tree include: wilting, holes or chew marks on leaves, dropping branches or leaves prematurely, yellowing or unusual spots on leaves, stunted leaf or tree growth, and insects observed on the tree.

Early detection and intervention is key to restore tree health and preserve your tree(s) for years to come.  Tree removal is always our last resort but can become necessary if tree health problems go undetected or untreated for too long.  Examples of insects and diseases we see and treat often in our region of Wisconsin are shown below.  If you recognize any sign of these in your landscape, please contact us right away.  We can quickly diagnose and treat the problem. 

Tree Nutrition

At Colonial Tree Service, we offer beneficial services to address tree nutrition deficiencies: 

  • Deep root fertilization (spring and fall)

  • Organic soil ammendments (often coupled with new tree planting and root collar excavation)

  • Mulch ring installation and maintenance

Benefits of Tree Fertilization

Tree fertilization can be beneficial in promoting healthy growth and improving the overall health of your trees.  Tree fertilization in the spring and fall can both be effective, but the best timing for fertilization depends on the specific needs of your tree. 

In the spring, trees are just beginning to come out of dormancy and are starting to produce new leaves, so applying fertilizer at this time can give them the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. This is especially important for young trees or newly planted trees that are establishing roots.

In the fall, trees are preparing to go into dormancy, so fertilizing them can help to provide the energy they need to get through the winter. This is especially important for older trees that are in need of extra energy to maintain their health.

In either case, it's important to consult with a professional arborist to determine the specific needs of your trees and to ensure that they are fertilized at the right time and with the right nutrients.

Soil and Root Care

The most overlooked aspect of tree health is soil and root care.  At Colonial Tree Service, we understand that healthy soil and root systems dramatically bolster tree health and cannot be overlooked.  A poor tree foundation leads to compromised tree health and makes your tree more susceptible to all kinds of insects and diseases.  Our experienced arborists can perform the following soil and root care services:

  • Soil aeration and vertical mulching

  • Root collar excavation with AirSpade

  • Girdling root removal

Root collar excavation

Don't wait, contact us today and start reaping the benefits of healthy trees.

Communities We Serve

Colonial Tree Service has been delivering quality tree care solutions to Waukesha County and surrounding areas since 1986

Big Bend   Brookfield   Chenequa   Delafield   Dousman   Eagle

Elm Grove   Genesee   Germantown   Hartland   Lannon   Lisbon

Menomonee Falls   Merton   Mukwonago   Muskego   Nashotah

New Berlin   North Lake   North Prairie   Oconomowoc

Okauchee Lake   Pewaukee   Sussex   Vernon   Wales

Waukesha and more...

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